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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 2, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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♪ ferrero rocher... celebration has arrived. president-elect trump has rattled decades of delicate u.s. china relations with one phone call. good evening and thanks for joining us. dan is off. phone call came from taiwan president. such a call hasn't happened since 1979. and it sure ruffled feathers on the chinese main land.
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chuck has more. >> donald trump takes a telephone call from the leader of taiwan. trump tweeting the president of taiwanalled me today to wish me congratulations on winning the presidency. thank you but the u.s. broke off diplomatic relations with toy want in 1979 and now recognizes only the government of main land china. call breach of diplomatic protocol and foreign policy experts fear it could infuriate the beijing regem. interesting how we sell military equipment to them but i shouldn't accept a con graition congratulations call. trump tower friday back to transition business. parade of officials in the lobby. even street performer naked cowboy was spotted. also on the list former defense secretary robert gates. gates also endorsed the man president-elect trump wants to be the next leader of the pentagon retired marine general
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respected leader earned the nickname of mad dog and tough military tactic and thoughtful military strategy. president-elect is promising to build a dream team to keep jobs in the u.s. fix for economic post billionaire and millionaire. >> certainly you have big business in there but we are trying to get free enterprise system going again. >> this is abc news new york. >> vote recount requested by jill stein is on tonight in wisconsin and pennsylvania. intent to stop it were rejected in both state. lawsuit was filed to stop the recount in the state. pennsylvania recount started at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. >> work with the party that are represented here. republican party and democratic party and the green party to walk through this process in front of them and then to the compare the results of machine with the results extracted on election night once again. >> in pennsylvania kgtv lead
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narrow by 22,000 votes but still has 49,000 vote lead over hillary clinton. there's been little change in wisconsin after second day of the recount. trump picked up 11 votes clinton lost 24 and stein has gained 17. former democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders spoke to packed house at uc berkeley this afternoon. >> 7 news was at this hall where sanders spoke about his book titled our refuse loution. it's progressive platform upon which he ran for president. speaking about the president-elect vermont senator won't make compromise on bigotry climate change and attackers of democracy. well it was chilly outside today. but people were bundled up against the wind gust. trees bending.
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wind gust so powerful the sierra was not open. blowing snow in the video courtesy lake tahoe tv. in fact gust as high as 95 miles an hour were reported on higher peak in the sierra. drew is here with more on those wind. >> we have a little piece of th energy in the bay area today with the gusty wind. live look from the east bay hills camera right now. shakey out there but the wind actually calmed down quite bait since this morning. at peek wind gust 30 miles per hour. now clocking in at 39 miles per hour sfo 37 half moon bay 35 hayward. 32 the same in livermore and san jose international clocking a wind gust of 31 miles per hour. out there right now the wind are slowly weakening. gust at 16. 14 in napa generally the story overnight first thing tomorrow morning. track the wind gust will show you the wind are really going to calm down. it will actually do allow to us
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kul off temperatures cooler than we had last night. sought call overnight tonight. plenty of stars out there that wind will be calming down next 12 hours. drop 46 in oakland. 44 san jose. 48 overnight san francisco. 38 in santa rosa. arctic air coming our way very soon. accu-weather forecast ahead. >> thank you so much true. faculty member stabbed to death on the campus at the university of southern california suspect and student. :30 and found theon the campus 25-year-old man dead at the scene. officers say the victim was specifically targeted. students were sent the a text message about the police activity warning them to stay away from the area near the psychology building. they came dowalmost as soon as they went up. unauthorized posters on bart trains that looked official with the message that caught rider attention. here's more from laura anthony. >> it's called gorilla art it certainly caught the eye of
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some rioters on the bart line. bright red sign with clear message. attention. racism. sexism. islam phobia. homophobe yeah transphobia and prohibited in the bart system at all times. get the blank together. >> i don't know about the last one. >> we showed the pester by smart phone. >> yes baby. >> this rider liked the message as an answer to hate. >> it's a good positive strong answer. this is not acceptable behavior. >> i think a lot of people are more opinionated about how they feel about stuff but i haven't experienced it yet. it's pretty interesting line. i think it's a message. >> bart spoerns spokesperson said the signs weren't authorized and being removed from all trains however my department is working on a campaign committee deploy with a message about how threats not total rated. we are community of riders and
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we celebrate diversity. >> how you treat people is the way people treat you. disrespect a person they will disrespect you. so treat everybody equally they treat you back the same way. i always have a smile. >>reporter: person or group responsible for putting up the signs has hasn't yet come forward. in walnut creek, abc 7 news. >> in san jose renewed about toush address concerns about demonstration enforcement by local police in the trump era. we explain what the city is doing. >> rachel is spending a lot of time indoors. post election fear surrounding deportation. make her very anxious. >> i'm very sad and very the anxious. i'm afraid. >> guadalupe one of 1 80,000 undocumented immigrants living in silicon valley. she came here from mexico 20 years ago. >> sometimes two jobs to pay
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rent. we live better in mexico? a police and city leaders delivered a clear message to all immigrants for living if santa clara county. >> i know the fear exist we all know the fear we are certainly not going to wait for flash point to do something like this president-elect trump has talked about beefing up federal immigration enforcemen enforcement. san jose police say what happens after the news president is sworn in is still unclear but the city other non-profit agency seeing an increase in calls for family fearing deportation. >> i now have about 46 message messages. >> lily worns for a non-profit committed to helping low income immigrant families. >> even though somebody is undocument there's still a right everyone has and they should be aware to use those that information to help. >>reporter: information the city advocate hope bring some comfort to community with the
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second highest immigrant population in the country. in san jose, abc 7 news. today san francisco district attorney george reassured members of the islamic community his city protect them from hate crime. da visited islamic society of san francisco on jones street. he reinforced commitment to tolerance and to the health and safety of the city islamic community. reports of hate crimes against muslims have russ insince the election of donald trump. murder suspect denies he's the one who shot and killed a man in san francisco this week. >> none of the witness statements that i have to date identify him as the shoot interthis case. >> 7 in us was at the hall of justice today but camera not allowed in the courtroom for michael's hearing. he's charged with murder of germane jackson junior. public work employee shot to death wednesday morning while cleaning up xwra fit i on portrero hill. suspect due back in court in
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one week. we have much more ahead for you on this friday night. coming up. how mario wood mother remember her son year after his death in the hand of police. >> brazen robbery caught on camera at bay area apple store. police want your help finding these thieves. police want your help finding these thieves. >> and drew is right back
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>> oh, my gosh. >> woman screams followed by gun shots that ended the life of mio woods exactly 1 year ago today. woods was shot about an hour after he reportedly stabbed a stranger in the arm. police confronted him. fired bean bag round then fatal gunshots. autopsy found wood was shot 20 times and had drugs in his system including meth and marijuana. his death sparked protest and some police reform. no officers have been charged in this case. melanie spoke with wood mother and san francisco district attorney today to get an update on the case. >> one year ago today mario woods shooting death at the hand of police was cap towered on cell phone video. his mother says the support she's received has brought a kind of calm. she says what is missing is justice. >> some tooip type of justice i
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just don't. >>reporter: san francisco police shot woods 20 times. he was armed with a knife. police said he had just stabbed some one that he refused to drop the knife and was acting erratically. >> knife wasn't a threat to the officers. in many ways it just started the current reform movement in the city of san francisco. >> that training and less lehal force. his death is being investigated by the district attorney's office. no officers charged. protestors outside the hall of justice want da to take action. >> we hear him say you have to charge the cop with murder we can't wait any longer. >> we know it's because we were under resource. >> once a new unit is in place in the office the goal by the end of 2017 is for officer involved shooting investigatio investigations to take between 90 and 1 80 days to complete.
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>> any one looking at the video can say this shouldn't have an and. we say that. wood agree it's necessary step towards healing. >> sends a message that our children lives they mat. they matter. >> in san francisco melanie abc 7 news. >> thieves hit another apple store in the bay area. take a look at this video we didn't speed it up n.just 11 seconds three people with hood on went into the store grabbed i-phone and tablet on display. now the employee red shirts stayed out of the way. this happened on black friday store on chestnut street in san francisco. then on tuesday it happened again 4 thieves grab merchandise and 13 seconds. similar theft at the apple store in cort may dir a.they took 40,000 dollars worth of merchandise. >> we get report that good people are helping san jose
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mercy mobile get restocked after burglar picked it clean. thieves broke the window of the rv overnight and helped themselves to more clothes, utensil and hot plate. it distributes donate the items to those less fortunate. >> i am upset that somebody would violate such a vehicle but i also i guess this is a sin of the times we live n.people very desperate and maybe they thought something valuable was in here. what they captain steal is the heart of the people that gave the stuff. >> mercy mobile visits homeless camp to get a list of what is needed that put out the word to potential donor. >> new report says raiders working on plan b in effort to move the team to las vegas. jason reports tweeted that davis presented 2 plants to the finance committee this week. the first was the initial concept team with las vegas, sands owner adelson. second has the raiders going it alone without adelson in
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october threatened to walk away from the stadium project unless davis improved the terms. people watching the ballot say now is the time forest bay officials to approve the coliseum land deal put forward by lot. >> las vegas is weak but las vegas weakness is only exists for so long. oakland continues not to act las vegas becomes a strength. gives las vegas a chance to get the act together in some kind of way. >>reporter: 7 news reach out to the raiders for response to the story but didn't hear anything back. abc 7 news meteorologist drew is checking our forecast and has more on that. drew. >>reporter: had snow 30. i thought it was hawaii. >> not uncommon to see snow but uncommon for that much snow this early in the season. we see our injection of cold air early next week and winner like for a few mornings next week.
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we see this. let's go outside. live from the exploratorium camera showing you not pier 15 but the flag waving so gently in the breeze. stiff breeze early this morning but throughout the day and overnight the wind are slowly calming down. what that will do lead the way into mild evening to this weekend. nice out there but saturday sunday afternoon and then temperatures really tumble. early next week we get a winter like chill and there is a very slit chance of just a little bit of rain coming next friday. the temperatures right now. holding steady with 50's in a lot of spot. 40's sprinkled in and 45 in santa rosa. 56 in oakland and san jose currently sitting at 53 degree degrees. hour by hour we good. winds row lacks first thing in the morning on saturday. nice start to the day. a bit chilly in the 30's and 40's but by the afternoon a lot of sunshine out there. warm-up pretty nicely tomorrow
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afternoon to the 60's in most spots near 70 degrees inland sun goes down at 4:51 in the evening. future tracker temperatures show you into sunday. minor dip with finishing the weekend. lots of sunshine and temperatures typical this time of year. good news if headed to the rai raiders game. bills in town. kick off and sunshine temperatures around 64 degrees. pretty comfortable by the fourth quarter. light jacket and temperatures falling to 61 degrees. then everything will change early next week and into the middle of the week we see a big injection not only here but across much of the united states cool canadian air by wednesday lock at the high temperature only 9 in billings montana a.37 agrees only 20 in denver. high of only 6 in bismark, north dakota. temperatures show you tuesday afternoon doesn't fell like winter out there. afternoon high. spots struggle even in the low
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50's and really a carbon copy forecast wednesday afternoon as well. chilly day on wednesday. even not morning hurs i do expect wide spread 30's to start off the day midweek. something we track here item chilly and go below normal for much of next week. 7 day forecast i show you tomorrow don't even worry about the chilly temperatures in the afternoon. it's a $1 million day a lot of sunshine. sunday carbon copy forecast sky conditions. minor dip by monday. partly cloudy but moving into tuesday there you go. cold morning and chilly afternoon. by thursday there's a slight chance of shower north but really friday that's our next chance of rain in the renal. right now 1 on the stormy packet best shot we have got in the next seven days. bring out the big winter jacke jacket. >> thanks drew. all right. when we come back you might want to think twice about piling another set of lights on want to think twice about piling another set of lights on the christmas tree.
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tonight on 20-20 abc air the full interview with the husband of sherry the woman would was abducted held for 3 weeks held on thanksgiving day. we spoke with matt who is the first reporter to sit down with keith. >> what question did you ask that you couldn't answer? >> well, there were questions that he wouldn't answer and couldn't answer. obviously things that i asked about regarding what sherry saw and some details that were captivity that he had to keep quiet. i guess the one most jarring was where were the pwrapt he talked about numerous burns on sherry's body. >> full interview air tonight
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on 2020. 10:00 o'clock on channel 7. of course on 7 news at 11:00. holiday season researchers issuing a warning to keep something like this from happening in your home. take a look. here's to massachusetts remin reminding everyone it only takes a minute to turn a christmas tree into a big fire. experts say no matter if the tree is natural or artificial. lights cords should be checked. don't run the cord underneath a mat or rug and led lights don't get as hot as the old ones. remember natural tree have danger they need to be watered daily and kep away from flames or heaters. election isn't over for san francisco agency that want the city to take over maintain of street trees. the a look at a letter the executive director of friend of the urban forest sent to supporters today. it awards mayor ed lee considering not funning tree maintenance speaks fight the passage of proposition e.
9:26 pm
it set aside 19 million dars from the general fund to care for street tree. 79 percent of the vote. >> the crazy policy of relinquishing street tree back to adjacent property owner. people who are inheriting a 30 foot tree that don't have the money to take care of it. >>reporter: it include as clause that allow the mayor to suspend funding for tree maintenance with funding problems. the mayor has the end of the 84 to decide. another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 is next. coming up. we get our first look at two men who escaped from jail. the escapee with face tattoo looks likea his old self. the jury deadlocked. judge just ordered them to do in the highly charged trial of police officer shooting an unarmed man in the back killing him. >> doctors were about to remove life support for this little girl. when she suddenly opened her
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we begin this half hour with two of the inmates who escaped from the santa clara county jail last week. both have been caught. along with two other men who also escaped. vic lee has a look at the legal future for these men. >>reporter: chavez appeared in court with his distinct face tattoo fully visible. chavez mug shot after the capture appeared to show he had applied make up to cover it during his freedom. arraignment capped a 10 day man hunt for him and campbell. they escaped from the county jail thanksgiving week breaking out of the cell by sawing through the window before and going down bed sheet. campbell arrested tuesday at
9:31 pm
his sister home in antioch. chavez on wednesday atrophy mail friend's house in san jos jose. prosecutor michael released details of the charges he faced at the time of his escape. >> ex tovrmingts armed robbery. kidnapping. false imprisonment. and armed robbery. carjacking. >>reporter: he added that the kidnapping victim was chavez former girlfriend. >> during the kidnapping he actually shot through a door to get at his victim who was cowering under a bed. >>reporter: campbell escaped just before he was to be sentenced. >> mr. campbell is currently facing sentencing after being convicted of multiple home invasions while armed. >>reporter: fernandez arrested and charged with hiding chavez in her apartment also appeared in court l. >> when police tried to search the home she lied to police. told them no one was present. >>reporter: that resulted in a seven hour stand off. and the s.w.a.t. team tearing up the ceiling looking for
9:32 pm
chavez who was hiding in the attic. all 3 have court dates next week. vic lee abc 7 news. >> attorneys for san francisco were in federal court today defending the city against a lawsuit by family steinly the woman killed on pier 14 last year by undocumented immigrant by sanchez. lawsuit says the city is responsible for her death because the sheriff relessed lopez sanchez instead of han handing him over to immigration authorities for deportation. >> san francisco sanctuary city law is not a safe harbor for felon. for undocumented immigrants. >> they are trying to use our sanctuary city policy to try and suggest that this wouldn't have happened except for the sanctuary city policy. that's not the case u-wrongful death will you suit names a bureau of land management. she was killed with a agent 51 secured in a government car.
9:33 pm
the june will decide in the case proceeds in two week. >> bomb shell from the jury in south carolina courtroom. jury revealed late today that deadlocked in the trial of police officers michael slave in the fatal shooting of walter scott. video show scott running off after he pulled over for broken taillight. he chased him and fired 8 time times. walter scott wasn't armed. we have more. >> there was drama in the jury room. at one point tonight it was looking very possible that this this former police officer seen on cell phone video shooting a black man in the back would be going home to the welcome arms of his family. michael needed only one member of the nearly all white jury to see his side. to agree that he fired those 8 bullets because he was afraid. even though the victim had already run nearly 18 feet awa away. the june read a letter from one lone juror explaining how he couldn't convict on either charge. >> i can not in good conscious
9:34 pm
consider guilty verdict at the same time my heart does not want to have to tell the scott family that the man that killed their son, brother, and father is innocent. >>reporter: of the 6 white men 5 white women and one black juror the foreman very clear that white juror and in his 40's was a hold out. shaking his head no when the june asked if they needed to hear back testimony from the young man would recorded the disturbing video. appeals from the attorney worked and closing arguments he told jurors they need to think blue and not white or black. and said what he feels is a message of support to police across america. jurors sent back handful of questions during deliberations. they wanted to know the difference between fear and passion. sign they were debating not the murder charge but the lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter.
9:35 pm
>> that was steve reporting. judge has ordered jury's to try again deliberations will resume monday morning. if they are unable to reach a verdict the officer released on bond. highly unlikely he will be tried again sky dramatic rescue after building collapse in south dakota. two people became trapped in the building came down. one victim made a life saving call to her mother while buried under the debris. here's lindsay davis. >> eruption of cheer this afternoon as rescue workers pulled this woman from the rubble of a building today thanks in part to a phone call with her mother. officials say the 22-year-old talked on the phone with her mom as crew worked to locate her. >> we know probably where she's at. can't see daylight so that means she's covered with debri debris. >>reporter: rescue workers pulled hader dog out alive but construction worker remains trapped. his family.
9:36 pm
>> our second victim at any time lost any hope. >> building which was undergoing renovation collapsed this morning in downtown south dakota here. tonight the young woman is described as in the hospital with injuries to her leg. this is abc news new york. you. doctors at the hospital just about to turn off life support for 1-year-old girl when she suddenly opened her her eyes. doctors received a call two month ago to protect her from a virus threatening her whole body. no hope for survival they recommend she been taken off life support. father insisted she was getting better. started on line petition to keep her alive. he got 114,000 signatures. granted her another two months of breathing assistance. last week she woke up and is reportedly improving. east bay 14-year-old with
9:37 pm
very rare medical condition is about to leave nor the mayo clip ick. we have been following the journey and tomorrow you can join her for pan cake at her church. family friends including the sister were getting ready and stopping by today. >> we are doing a pan cake breakfast with santa looking for do nations to help fund the trip because it's really hard financially on my family. >> kayla battling rare disease since days old. breakfast starts at 7:00 and if you didn't make it but can't help please do so. go fund me page with link on our web site. >> thousands of elementary middle school age girls will go through the park this weekend as girls on the run. the 10 week after school program promote physical activity and self-esteem for a 5 k. 80 percent of the girls
9:38 pm
participate receive financial assistance including this. over 400 pair of shoes. within the last year to girls in need to be able to complete the 5 k. >> if you want to give to the girls on the run this holiday season good to our web site and also help by running in the 5 k this sunday morning. jessica will be the mc and registration opens at 8:00 a.m. and item 50 dollars. funds stay in the bay area. we saw more than just tourist visiting one of the bay 80's most popular spots today. come up next. whether happened has
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>> the stars of full house in
9:42 pm
is he meant. new video show cast members casting the hand print early this evening at the san francisco home made famous by the sitcom and the creator is the new owner. it was announced yesterday. here's lee ann. >>reporter: who says the tanner don't live at 17 09 broderick street. the creator of the full house series franklin the new owner and he brought part of the cast to san francisco to kick off the next season of the netflix revival fuller house. >> there's a connection with fans. they connect with this house. it's become iconic and i understand that 500 people a day stop by here. >> it goes without saying residents here are not feeling the love for the hollywood cast and the crator of the series jeff franklin who now owns the home. this is what infuriates neighbors. double parking while people get out of the cars to take pictures. and the total advertise regard for the people who life on that street. it's especially bad on weekends. >> not pleasant to live here
9:43 pm
with all of this going on. and it's a nuisance and going to get worse because the word is out that he bought it back. >> few months ago franklin took pack it of himself sitting on the steps of the house posted on twitter that he was in the market for a home that was after the show revival on netflix. now more tourist than ever drive-by. >> we watch this exercise and. >> with people like that neighbors are saying have mercy on us all. >> bic a cake for the neighbor neighbors. >> cup of sugar. make a pie. with the tanner in san francisco lee ann, abc 7 news. getting dipper ready could look different than usual if local inventor. we give you a sneak peek at the home version of tool usually
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>> tonight on shark tank bay area couple sets they have the hottest new way to cook food at home. scn thon bloom went to the office just in time for lunch to get a preview and a taste. >> we are having a beef chili with bacon and sharp cheddar. >> good food at work this is a hot new gadget for cooking. item best selling cook book but until now there was one thing she hadn't done. >> hello shark. my name is lisa and this is my husband abe. >> it's a pressure cooker. >> i was extremely nervous to. go out shark tank good nervous energy. keep the doctrine license pum pumping. >> she served the shark some delicious steak.
9:48 pm
>> it's method used in restaurant kitchen. where food is sealed in a bag and slowly warmed up in a bath of water. >> the equipment was thousands office d dollars so we create at home one. >> 250 dollar work with own pot and zipper back and control and recipe. >> most recent one that is pretty new and quirky is this recipe. >> sometimes mommy need a break and you want to step away. >> brings food to precise temperature in this case her body temperature. >> lake golde lock just right. >> shark look closely where product are made your honoring found investigators move manufacturing over seas. well the this was being made in china but now they build it here in san francisco. manufacturing is changing. labor here may cost more but american factory are efficient. >> we use a lean manufacturing method that we stock or line if it's not working.
9:49 pm
recipe like these they don't have end one left over either. in san francisco abc 7 news. >> meal looks good. tomorrow is a nice but the cold weather is come. walnut creek getting head start on dealing with the ice day ahead. 7 news at walnut creek civic center park today where the skaters were out. some highly skilled. others trying to stay up. remember the food bank gets a cut if you escape. get out there and enjoy it. drew is back with the forecast now. >> we have a really nice weekend on tap. comfortable temperatures then early next week we see much cooler air arrive. quiet night and windy early this morning. wednesday are slowly relaxing and will do so overnight. tomorrow morning the breeze no longer be with us. take a look at temperatures. 56 in san francisco. still holding at 53 in san jos jose. 40 in san ramone. 57 in napa and right now
9:50 pm
antioch checking in a temperature of 54 degrees. so tonight chilly out there couple 30's possibly in the 40's. 44 san jose to 46 in oak land. 40 in san francisco. high there nice day sunshine and actually a mild temperatur temperature. low spots in the mid 60's. accu-weather 7 day forecast will show you we have a is in finish to the wean as well. temperatures tank especially tuesday into wednesday. feels like winter out there. chilly morning and friday we track our next chance of any written on the 7 day forecast. >> all right thanks drew. >> sure. >> larry is here what do you have for us. >> friday night football. yes. and it's a good stuff. a lot at stake in levi stadium. pack 12 title on the line for washington and colorado. perhaps just perhaps the ticket washington and colorado. perhaps just perhaps the ticket to the college footb
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good evening. washington huskies hoping the road to the college football play offs runs right through levi stadium.
9:54 pm
they were in santa clara tonight. former santa clara coach leaving his boss 10 miles from spartan stadium. bad news for colorado early. he turns the ankle. same ankle that forced him to miss 2 games during the season. huskies left 14-7 at the half. browning finding daniels with 15 yard score. comes back to start the second half. ball tipped and picked by taylor and he's taking it back 35 yard pick 6. dog up 21-7. later. this is amazing. brown trying to throw the ball away and john snatches it with one hand. and head forth end zone. 93 yard touch down. wow! says chris peterson. 41-10 huskies. uw pack 12 champions. hoping that that will get them into the play off. to the ice after playing 10 games if 18 days the shark in for a nice relaxing 4 day break
9:55 pm
but first date with canadian in the tank. star worse night. in the tank. but the tiny shark so cute. stealing the show. first period joe to brett. one timer beats price and shark lead 1 to nothing. minute to two in the first. shark forcing the turn over then joe to joe. in front. eighth of the year. shark up 2 nil after one and martin jones using the force on "star wars"night. 23 saves through two periods. sample right here. 2 nothing shark they are in the third period. green posted one word on twitter last night. that word was marked. after his two kicking incidents resulted in one game suspension during the nba finals he's indeed a marked man. that he is why the incident will contact last tonight resulted in a call. green is being fouled by james harden who fell backward. the foot grazed his face just a
9:56 pm
touch. if he was in the ufc the kick would be fantastic but in the fba referee on the look out for them. >> i don't know how that that ain't my job. replay. three officials out there. they got league office that rule that ain't much to assess. i just play. >> i'm old school but i'm never going to like that little girly basketball we have now. >> old school. or cave man but charles barkley striking again in spite of the fact the warriors made the finals in back-to-back years he continued to harp on the warriors before they lost to the rocket in double over time last nye. in talking about girly basketball. any way steve named western conference coach of the month and reresponsibleed to sir charles. >> we didn't talk about it. but it's getting to the point where i feel like if the whole
9:57 pm
team walked in front of charles's house would he just yell get off my lawn. that's how i feel about it. >> taking it in stride. among the people who like current 49ers head coach kelly to return to other don't guy the duck just fired their old assistant el drinl. duck promoted em drink and same steve together. he appealed the chip to return to other again so the staff could keep their jobs. >> start thinking about your assistants and support staff and all the people to come back here some of the people would be saved so just trying to take personal relationship out of it or remove it from the equation and take it that way. >> interesting. 7 sports brought to you by toyota one other thing that he said not directly but you can kind of read between the
9:58 pm
licenses is that kelly didn't express much of an interest going back to oregon. presumption is he will ride it out with the 49ers and hope things get better. if you want that job phil would give it to him in a second. if you want that job phil would give it to him in a second. >> right thanks larry coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. hit-and-run left this bay area bicyclist bruised and seriously injured. police say there's an important clue may help them track down the driver who just left her on the side of the road. and donald trump talk with taiwan. tonight we have bay ara reaction to this diplomatic action that's already sparking tension. be sure to join us for 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. well if you still want a christmas tree and are willing to think outside the planter box check in out. frentd of urban forest is erecting these live tree for christmas. they are pine.
9:59 pm
they may look scrawny like a charlie brown christmas tree but it's all for a good cause. >> once they leave the person home from the ornament removed we'll take them back and grow them out and ultimately plant them as street tree in about a year from now. >> that's nice. young tremendous need to stay in the pots. just like regular christmas tree they do need to be watered regularly and kept away from heaters. friends of the urban forest will pick them up after the holiday season. a a that does it for this edition of 7 news at 9:00 thanks for joining us. for all of us here, thanks for joining us we'll see you again at 11:00 o'clock over open joining us we'll see you again at 11:00 o'clock over open channel 7
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